[2019] Max Wulff: NY Yankees

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[2019] Max Wulff: NY Yankees

The Yankees have  won the World series 27 times. Their first World Series win was in 1923 and their most recent World Series  win was in 2009.

New York Yankees

The Yankees have retired 21 different numbers. Two number 8's were retired to honor Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey. The first retired Yankees number was #4, which was Lou Gehrig. The most recent retired number was #2, which was Derek Jeter.

The Yankees biggest rival is the Boston Redsox. The first time these teams met was on April 26, 1901. Since then, they have competed for more than 100 seasons.

Throughout the Yankees franchise they have played at 6 different fields or stadiums. They started at Hilltop Park in 1903, and since 2008 they have been in Yankee Stadium.


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