Nuyorican Poetry

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Nuyorican Poetry

Nuyorican Poetry

Nuyorican Poets Cafe- Founded in 1975 as a living room salon in the East Village apartment of Miquel Algarin- Founding artists included poets, playwrights, and musicians of color whose work wasn't accepted by mainstream academics, entertainment, or publishing industries - Largely known for its performance poetry, the cafe has grown to be one of the country's most highly respected arts organizations- Champions the use of poetry, jazz, theater, hip hop, and spoken word as a means of social empowerment for minority and under-priveleged artists

"The most integrated place on the planet" -Allen Ginsberg

Victor Hernandez Cruz-Born in Puerto Rico, moved to New York with his family at age 5-2 years later, started learning English when his family bought a TV-Started writing poetry at a very young age-Self-publisehd his first book, Papo Got His Gun! And Other Poems, at age 17-Writes from p.o.v. of traveler and city dweller-Concerns include "the history of immigrationin a world-wide sense"

Miguel Algarin-Born in Puerto Rico, moved to US with family in 1950's -Advanced literary degrees from University of Wisconsin and Penn State-Served as Professor Emeritus to Rutgers University for more than 30 years -Published more than ten books of poems-2009: First Latino to win the Before Columbus Lifetime Achievement Book Award

Culture-Nuyoricans are defined as Puerto Ricans living in New York, but are not limited to just that-1940's saw a huge influx of Puerto Ricans in New York-Most of these people belonged to the working class-Language: mixture of Spanish and English -Fusion and mixture guides and propels artistic activity -Revlotionary "The interchange between both yields new verbal possibilities, new images to deal with the stresses of living on tar and cement." -Miguel Algarin-Themes in art: disillusionment-Nuyorican as being "in the heart": an attitude of self-awareness and cultural resistance

Pedro Pietri-One of the founders of Nuyorican poets cafe-Moved to Harlem with his family at age 3-Inspired by his aunt Irene Rodriquez who often recited poems and put on theatrical performances, he began to write as a teenager-His poems are known for capturing the joy and struggles of Nuyoricans and the cultural tugs between NY and Puerto Rico -Many poems are highly political -Best known for "Puerto Rican Obituary" and his singing of "El Spanglish National Anthem" as well as his performance piece, "El Puerto Rican Embassy"

"We're here to stay. They can't replace us."-Pedro Pietri

Spanglish National Anthem

"The poetry's not really about myself, it's about my culture." -Victor Hernandez Cruz


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