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The sciences involved in a Nutritionist career involve: nutrition, biology, chemistry, and physiology.

Health Educators are also mistaken with Nutritionists. They educate and promote good eating habits and help people make healthy decisions with programs.

Nutritionists are similar to Dietitians. They both focus on food and nutrition values.

A nutritionist must have certain qualities for the job. First they must hane Analytical skills, which means they must be able to interpret their scientific studies and be able to translate the nutrition science into practical eating advice in which people can understand. Next they should have organizational skills because it is best to be neat and cleanly. In addition, they must have people skills. They have to listen to the patients goals and concerns & help them overcome their dietary struggles. Last they must have social skills. They must be able to explain hard topics and tell people about the foods and why they are important.

To become a Nutritionist, you need to have earned a Bachelor's Degree in the following areas: dietetics, food and nutrition, food system service management or other related areas. Also, you must have the proper training to attain the job. Before graduating you must complete several hundred hours of training. (usually internship) Last you must have a license or certification in nutrition.

Nutritionists help people achieve a healthy lifestyle by advising people on what to eat in their daily lives. Usually nutrition issues are addressed and explained in this occupation. Nutritionists keep both their clients and cost in mind when developing a meal plan. Meal plans are evaluted on their effects and changed regularly as needed. Clients are assessed on both diet and health by the nutritionists. Nutritionists help people maintain good eating habits, diets and nutrition. Plus they help to prevent diseases. Last, nutritionists provide specialized plans/information for certain people. Ex. Cut sugar and fatty foods out of an overweight person's diet.

A nutritionist can work in several different place such as: nursing homes, cafeterias, healthcare establishments, and hospitals. Other nutritionists are self-employed they own their own practice.

Nutritionists make on average $53,250. The lowest percent earned $33,330. The highest percent earned is $75,480.

Three Different Types of Nutritionists:- Clinical: provide medical nutrition therapy- Management: plan meal programs- Community- educate people on topics related to nutrition-


How Nutrition Relates to Biology-Biology is the study of life and nutrition helps support life.- In Biology, living organisms get their energy by consuming. Nutrition helps these living organisms eat right so they get the proper energy they need.-Physiology is a branch in biology which relates to the various systems of the body. Nutritionists focus on the body's different systems by making different meal plans to help give those systems the nutrients they need.

Job Activities that Incorporate Biology- By making different meal plans they help nourish the different systems of the body by giving them energy. The systems are part of the Physiology branch of biology. -By influencing others to eat healthy foods organisms prevent disease -By giving meal plans they gibe good habits to people who pass it on to the next generation (distribution, evolution)-Organisms are able to maintain a stable internal environment by nourishing their system


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