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Where did the Nutria originally come from?The Nutria’s original range was South America and included Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is where the nutria was originally introduced from South America to the United States in the 1930s when there was a fur farm here

What ecological problems is the species causing?1.Overgrazing of wetland habitats2.Burrowing is the most commonly reported damage caused by nutria. 3.Nutria will consume about 25 percent of their body weight each day, because they eat the roots and stems of plants, they destroy about ten times more plant matter than they eat. Nutria have been known to turn riparian areas into muddy bogs, destroying marshes that provide protection for flooding and habit for other animals, birds, and fish. Nutria often construct circular platforms of compacted vegetation, which they use for feeding, breeding, resting, and grooming. Nutria are known to construct burrows in levees, dikes, and embankments, causing bank collapse and erosion. They also are host to a variety of parasites and pathogens.

What is being done to fix the problem?Nutria are mainly controlled by trapping, usually live spring traps and sometimes nets. A fence with buried pipelines may also be put around populations to contain them. In some states they are hunted, but since they are mostly active at night, this often causes a problem for hunters. At times it is possible to stress populations by regulating water levels and installing bulkheads to deter them from burrowing and reproducing.

Yellow region= Origin of nutria

Spread of nutriain Africa,East Asia,Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, and North America

Invasive Species:Nutria


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