Nutria-Abby Weinstock

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Nutria-Abby Weinstock

Interesting facts Under there shaggy coat is a lush undercoat of fur that people kill them for

Hangout Area's Louisiana, Canada

Crimes Charged for our destroying marshland reproducing way too muchcause erosion in marsh destroy other habitats no natural predators in their new habitats

Descriptive   Long whiskers, orange teeth, the muzzle is white, the colors the nutria is white, black or brown for the rest, big eyes, small ears, large, big web feet.

Want to learn moreJust go to National Geographic or search Nutria

Just a ball of fur

Reproduction The feamals can have two - three litters evrey year The average litter is 4-5 babies But they can have 13 in one litter.

Grumpy Grandpa

Two love birds

Are those carrots?

Baby Nutria

NutriaMyocastor coypus

They are Originally  from South Africa

If you come cross a nutria fine a cook book or call 508-308-4112


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