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Nut the egyptian goddes

Other mythology theorys are that Nut gave birth to Re every morning and swallow him at sunset.

Nut father was the god of air. He is on the top because he is the god of air

Nut was the goddess of the sky.

Nut's child Seth, is her enemey. Seth conquer the underworld and heaven.

There are many mythology theorys about Nut. One of them is that Nut is the wife of Re and had affairs with Thoth and Geb. Re was so mad that he curse Nut that she will not give birth any time of the month of any year. Nut turned to Thoth. Thoth said that he will help. He made a dael with the moon god. For every round he wins, he gets a little piece of moon light. After a couple of months, he gained enough light to make five extra days. Nut gave birth to a different child each day. They were named Osiris, Seth,Isis, Re.

Geb is at the bottom because he is the land god.



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