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Nursing Guides


Nursing Guides

A collection of blogs and websites related to nursing school topics.

Pros1)Get the chance to see what's new in the medical field 2) Doctors/nurses post hepful tips about everythng that deals with their job. 3) Have the opportunity to post your own findings.



Pros and Cons

An easy way for nurses to reconnect and renew friendships with past colleagues

1) Contains inpirational philosophies 2) Provides study tips and stress reliever tips 3) Includes extra class notes about topics that may have been discussed.

Pros: 1) Nurses can stay connected with past colleagues 2) They can search for people they may know. 3) Some can also search for jobs

A page created by The American Nurses Association; which advocates for all registers nurses and the patients they serve. ananursingworld

Cons: 1) Only 140 characters available to post. 2) People may post pictures, but they may be condensed. (schedule) 3) Post any pictures, comments or tweets that may be offensive.

Cons:1) Not everyone you may want to reach is on this site. 2) May include past email that's not in use anymore.

1) Nurses may create a blog and publish things that are wrong. 2) Some may browse other things not related to nursing. 3) Maybe won't be able to find exactly what your looking for.


Opinion I think it is a great idea to use social media because it helps get the word out there faster than it would be in person. More people will see it if it's online rather than in person.


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