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Registered Nursesby:Dyanna Swinson

CareerMy career of choice is to be a Registered Nurse(RN).Registered Nurses fall in the Health Science & Medical career cluster.

Job DescriptionRegistered Nurses are usually the ones responsible for the daily care of an admitted patient, but they may also have various duties. Alot of times RNs provide care to the patient, inform the familys about whats going on, and even give emotional support to those who need it. RNS titles and jobs often depend on where they work and what kind of patients they work with.

Career LadderIn Highschool,RNs should take classes like English,Chemistry,Algebra,Psychology,Biology,and Physics.After Highschool there are 2 Nursing School pathways you could take.You could get your Associates Degree or your Bachelor in Science Nursing,along with a diploma from an approved nursing program. RNs must also be registered before they can be certified.Part Time JobsAs a becoming Nurse you could apply for a Part time nursing program or maybe even a CNA.VolunteeringAny soon to be nurses or nurses, could volunteer with the Red Cross helping with people donating blood, or even be a nursing volunteer. It all depends on your interest. There are millions of places & ways to volunteer.InternshipsAll Nurses can apply for a RN internship. Its meant to help newly graduates becoming nurses complete everything they need in order to become a RN.

Personal ChoicesI personally was a Artist/Creator (cosmetologist,etc), but I was very high in the Social Skill which is very important in becoming a RN. I love helping people with any problem they might have, and i can speak fluently and very professional like with anyone i come in contact with. I can handle being under pressure, & I think of myself as a responsible caring person who just wants to make a difference. My personal priorities at the time are making good grades in school, and finding a job. My goals are to one day be able to look after all my parents needs and make it where they dont have a worry in the world. I also plan to become a great nurse who hopefully makes a difference in atleast 1 persons life.

EducationIn order to become a RN, you must 1st have your Highschool Diploma to even get into nursing school. You can then pick 1 of the 2 nursing school paths of becoming a nurse, including getting your Associates Degree or your Bachelor of Science Nursing. Associates Degree is a 2-3 year program offered at Junior and Community Colleges. The "ADN" trains and prepares nurses to provide direct patient care in numerous settings, and is an affordable education. The Bachelors of Science Nursing is a 4 year program offered at colleges and universities. "BSN" graduates have the greatest oppurtunity for advancement, & having a BSN is often prefered and required for military nurses,case management, etc.Education RequirementsIn order to become a RN , you must first earn your highschool Diploma, then go to nursing school, earn a diploma, then recieve your license for becoming a nurse. All RNs are required to be licensed.College ProgramsI could attend Pitt Community College here in Greenville NC for a nursing school program. There are also multiple options i could choose from. If i was going to get a Associates Degree i could attend Grossmont College, National University, San Diego City College, etc. If I was going for a Bachelor Program Diploma I could attend California State universty San Marcos, San Diego City College, etc. Some schools offer 2nd Degree & Accelerated nursing programs like University of Oklahoma, San Diego, etc. From research i found that University of San Diego offers a Masters entry program in nursing.Human CapitalThe requirements for being a RN include being able to work very closely with patients and their families. You must be able to keep calm in serious situations where things can get hectic, you must be able to answer questions and offer advice , & must be happy with working as a team with other nurses to do what needs to get done. I myself am a very social person, and can speak to almost anyone withoutt feeling awkward at all. I like to think i keep my cool alot of times when Im in pressured Situations, and i dont mind working as a team.


A workday as a RNA day in the life of a RN would be a very stressful, busy enviorment full of people wheeling in and out sick patients, to nurses running from room to room checking on their patients making sure all their needs are taken care of . You could hear anything from babies crying to old people crying out in pain. Nurses are all over the place checking their patients temperatures or machines making sure everythings going smooth like it should. They also have patients familes to deal with, answering all their questions and calming their worries. Nurses are very valueable to the world & hold a huge responsiblity if their job is done right.