Nurse Practitioner

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Nurse Practitioner

Adi Sanchez

Duties/Core Tasks- Diagnose, treat, and manage common llness-Give medication-Provide medical treatment to patients

Salary$80,000-$90,000a year

Atributes/Abilities*helping others*make people feel better when sick*good communication

Work Place Options:)-scrubs/ labcoats:)-work with other nurses/doctors:)-working at hospitals/clinics

Nurse Practitioner- someone who can diagnose and give treatment to patients

Possible CollegesChamberlain College of NursingUniversity of Chicago

Education/Trainingbachelors degree in nursing 2 years of expirence must pass exams to be an (RN) Qualificationsemotional maturity is requiered to sympathizw with patients

Top Learning Styletacticle & visionConnection to Careernurses do a lot of hands on things and examine things

Interview OverviewWinnieWhat I Learned1) takes patients vitals2) Cleans up their daily hygiene


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