Nuremburg laws

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Nuremburg laws

Nuremburg Laws

Maggie Castelli Class Period 5February 2015

Many times, in public places there were signs saying “Jews not welcome.” Just imagine going to the Movie Theater and you’re not allowed in because you have brown hair; well that’s basically the same situation. Another law is that Jews and German people were not allowed to get married. Later on gypsies and African Americans were also not allowed to marry German people. Also, if you have 3 or for grandparents that are Jewish you are a Jew according to the Nuremburg Laws.

This topic is still important because we have to understand what really happened. Jews were treated so unjustly. We also need to understand and learn about the Nuremburg laws because it could happen again. This time period is hard to take in, but we still need to try and comprehend it. The Nuremburg laws show how scary it was for the Jewish people.

The Nuremburg laws are laws enabling Jewish people to really be citizens. The laws were created because Hitler and the Nazi party believed Jews were bad people and didn’t deserve to be German. The Nuremburg Laws were instituted September 15th, 1935 to make the Jewish people not be a full citizen basically, it made them feel insignificant and irrelevant. Like for example, Jewish people were authorized to wear the Star of David on all of their clothing. In Germany, Jews then started to lose hope.

Lowering the Jews and making these laws made Germans feel powerful. Since the unemployment rate was so low, Germans had a better chance to get a job. It was very hard for the Jewish people to buy food, groceries, and dairies. Sadly if you were sick, a Jew could not even buy medicine. Germans were the “Masters” of Germany, and Jews weren’t evenconsidered citizens.

I chose this topic because I wanted to know exactly how the Jewish people were treated. This time period of when Hitler started to come to power is very interesting and depressing. I didn’t know very much about the Nuremburg laws and their exact details. So, I decided to learn more about it. I was surprised and happy to know more about it.


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