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Setting:-Annemarie lives in the city of Copenhagen in Denmark.-1943-The King of Denmark has surrendered to Germany.-There are food shortages. Life is very tough.-There are Nazi soldiers on every corner of Copenhagen.

Number the Starsby Lois Lowry

Summary:Annemarie is living in Denmark . The Nazis have taken over their country. Annemarie's best friend, Ellen is Jewish and is in danger. Will Annemarie be brave enough to save her best friend from the Nazis?

Main Characters*Annemarie*Mr. & Mrs. Johansen-Annemarie's parents*Kirsti-Annemarie's sister*Uncle Henrik-Annemarie's uncle*Ellen-Annemarie's best friend*Mrs. Rosen-Ellen's mom

What I learned:This book puts you in the shoes of Annemarie.You feel fear of the Nazis taking over your country. You wonder if life will ever go back to normal. You miss life before the war began. Your heart races when you run into Nazi soldiers.

Genre: Historical Fiction


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