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number the stars

number the stars by Lois Lowry

about the glog author Alyssa Poole is a fourth grader at Mills Elmentary this a picture of her by the side. She is cool, fun, and spunky

The main theme in number the stars is friend ship. Friendship is very important in the story. You can be a friend to a jewish friend.Or you can turn them into a Nazi souldier. Uncle Henrik is a HUGE friend to his sister Inge by smuggling thethe rosens and on his fishing boat across the sea to sweeden. My favorite example of friendship in the book is when Annemarie goes into her trunk and pulls out Ellens star of david neck-lace and decides to where it untill Ellen comes back Copenhagen from sweeden.

.Another theme is optomistic .I felt that in the story there was this sense of optomisticness for the Danish-jews, they felt that they could survive this dreadfull part in history. I felt that Ellen was feeling optimistic when Annemarie and Ellen play at shore in chapter 7. I think she forgotten about everything and Ellen was hopeful and confident about the future.


I wished that at the end of book the Rosens were home and joined in at the celbration in Denmark I couldn't imagine Annemaries would be after two years to see her best friend Ellen.

Dictionary meaningsfriendship- the state of being ones friend.optimistic-hopeful and confident about the future


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