Number the Stars

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Number the Stars

The novel does not have a lot of hard vocabulary so it would be good for any reader in the classroom. Annemarie goes through an inner struggle of whether or not she can be brave enough to fight for her friend's life against the Nazis. She is afraid that she will be too scared for her own safety to do what is right by her friend. All readers can relate to Annemarie's struggle to be brave in the face of danger and the unknown. We have all found ourselves in situations where we are afraid of what is to come or if we can be brave enough. Hopefully have reading along with Annemarie readers will find a way to find the strength to overcome their own fears and be brave in the face of the unknown.

Literary Merit

Young Adult Literature: Realist Fiction


Muy Bueno

I love the way that Annemarie's inner thoughts are always visible to the reader. The reader is able to experence all of her inner struggle with being brave enough for her friend. Annemarie thinks of the situation she is in as something that is not supposed to happen outside of a fairytale. She realizes that she needs to grow up beyond her age and that thought is one that everyone can understand.

Book Report

Number the Stars

Lois Lowry

Book Cover

Strenghts / Weaknesses

The background of the novel allows you to be transported into the country of Denmark during the Nazi occupation. You are able to feel the same pride as the citizens of that country in their King and beliefs of their country. You are able to see and feel the pain of the Nazi occupation and degregation the city has undergone.To me this novel was so great that finding a weakness is difficult. I thought it was a little fast paced due to the shortness of the story. I didn't see that it hurt the novel but I would have enjoyed reading the story longer and having Annamarie and Ellen spend more time with each other. I would have also liked to know for sure if Ellen comes back from Sweden and how many Jews are able to return.

The Truth in the Novel

If you have ever had to be brave in the face of danger. If you have ever had to help a friend when everything inside of you was telling you to be scared. Then this book is for you. Also if you are a lover of history, especially WWII and the Holocaust then this is a story unlike you have ever read. This is told from a country that while occupied, did not lose the fight or the strength to remain their own person. Read along as Annemarie and her country fight against Nazi ideals and save an entire nation of Jews.


The author actually had a friend who was a child in Copenhagen during the Nazi occupation. While the main character may have been fiction the truth of the town at this time frame is accurate. She also used archived images and information of the resistance to build those characters and events they used to save the Jewish population of Denmark.


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