Number the Stars

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Number the Stars

Annemarie Johansen and her best friend Ellen (Jewish) live in Copenhagen during Nazi occupation. Annemarie learns how the Jews are in danger, and Ellen's family flees leaving her with Annemarie's family. Soilders come search their home but Ellen pretends to be Annemarie's sister. Soon they flee trying to get to safety in Sweden. Annemarie's and Ellen get seperated.The war ends and Annemarie finds the Star of David pendant that she kept for Ellen and wears it unitl she returns.


Number the StarsBy: Lois Lowry

The novel has many strengths and weaknesses such as the powerful climax (but the climax was short), and that the reader could feel what Annemarie was feeling, especially suspense. Another strength this book had was being able to address the topics of racism, antisemitism, and stereotyping of the Holocaust in a kid friendly way.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Connection to History

This story provides a good kid friendly introduction into World War 2 and the Holocaust. Although it does not mention concentration camps, it does show the influence of the Nazi part in Denmark and how people had to change becasue of it.

I can connect to this book because it is the first book I ever read as part of a literature circle/ book club. We were doing an integratted study on the Holocaust and this book got me so interested in the Holocaust. This book opened my eyes to the different types of stories there were and made me appriciate Social Studies and History a lot more.


Text- to - Self Connection


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