[2015] Hannah Momblanco (2014-15 Women in Sci, 2015-16 Global Lit 8th gr): Number The Stars

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[2015] Hannah Momblanco (2014-15 Women in Sci, 2015-16 Global Lit 8th gr): Number The Stars

Dear Annemarie, I think your uncle is correct. It is easier to be brave when you don’t know what’s going on. Your family is demonstrating what true friends do for each other even though it is very risky. You should do what your parents tell you because it sounds like they have it all worked out. Best of luck to your family and friends.Hope this helped,Hannah

KartoffelsalatThis is a traditional Danish potato salad. It is common side dish that can be eaten at lunch or dinner. This is made by boiling potatoes in salt water until they become tender. Then peel off the skin. Add vinegar and mustard to bowl. It is often served with sausage and pork.

FrikadellerThese are Danish meatballs. It consists of pork and veal which is baby cow. Add milk, bread crumbs, eggs and onion. They are cooked on a frying pan which is where the flat shape comes from. They are served with potatoes and cabbage.

PorkThis is another traditional Danish lunch or dinner. It is one of the most common dishes too. Pork is a staple food in Denmark. The pork is fried or put into the oven. It is eaten along with potatoes and red beets.

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Dear Hannah, My family is very secretive about their plans of hiding my friend and her family from the Nazis. I know this is a very dangerous and serious matter but I want to know what is happening. I also want to help my friend as much as possible. My uncle said that it is easier to be brave if you do not know anything. If this true? Please help, Annemarie

Book ReviewTitle: Number the StarsAuthor: Lois Lowry Genre: Historical Fiction Imagine being Jewish in Denmark when the Nazis come and invade. In Lois Lowry’s, Number the Stars, Annemarie and her family take in Annemarie’s best friend Ellen, to protect her from the Nazis. Both families live in Copenhagen, Denmark but when Ellen’s mom and dad have to flee the country quickly, Annemarie pretends Ellen is her sister. The problem is, Ellen has dark brown, curly hair while Annemarie and her sister have blonde hair. This causes the soldiers to be very suspicious. Number the Stars is an action packed book that will keep you wanting to read more. It will make you reach for tissues and have an ear to ear smile. I would recommend this book to anyone of all ages. Will Ellen and her family escape from the Nazis?

Number the StarsBy Hannah Momblanco

Located in Denmark

Lois Lowry


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