[2014] Abby Hoffacker: Number the Stars

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[2014] Abby Hoffacker: Number the Stars

The year is 1943 in Copenhagen, Denmark during World War II. Ten-year old Annemarie Johnson and her Jewish best friend, Ellen Rosen, are experiencing their village, and the rest of Denmark, being taken over by Nazis. After the Nazis have a list of the Jewish families in Denmark, everyone knows they will come looking for the Jews. The Johnsons take Ellen in while her parents are being hid by some people in the Resistance, a group of people who rebel against the Nazis. Ellen pretends to be Lise, Annemarie's older sister who died a couple of years ago. As the Resistance makes a plan to help the Jews to the safety of Switzerland, Annemarie will have to discover the bravery within herself to risk her life for the safety of her best friends and the rest of the Jewish people.

Number the StarsBy: Lois Lowry

Book Summary

The Free Danes illegal newspaper

A Star of David necklace like the one worn by Ellen

King Christian X riding through the streets of Copenhagen

The German soldiers patrolling the streets of Copenhagen

Germany invading Copenhagen

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, because it had lots of great detail!


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