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Jem avoids relationships. Until she meets Spider, another outsider, and takes a chance. The two plan a trip to the city. But while waiting to ride the Eye ferris wheel, Jem is terrified to see that all the other tourists in line flash the same number. Soon she takes hold of Spider and runs away from the crowd. Soon after they both hear a loud boom, and turn to the Eye is blown up. They survived death. But soon they are being tracked down deu to running away. They were wanted poeple, suspected criminals and must escape the city...



The major theme of this novel is that life is unpredictable and in the time you have, no matter how short or long it may be, always enjoy it and make it fun. Do not live in the past. Live in the presenrt and work toward the fututre.


The main charcter is Jem, a foster child from London. When she was eight her mother overdosed and died. After that day she was able to see the death dates of every person when she looked into their eyes. as she got older she learned how to control and use her ability to help her friend Spider. Spider is set to die soon, though jem has no idea why only how.

This story is set in modern day England. Our characters adventures from the Thames to the Moorsfeild.

I highly recommend this book. It's high sense of adventure, when Spider and Jem ran away from London and were being chased by the police. And its supernatural aspect of Jem being able to read the day someone dies. This novel is jam packed with excitment!



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