Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear Waste

Nuclear PowerPlants

What is the Problem with Nuclear Waste?



A Nuclear Power Plant


Nuclear Power Plants are not very common throughout the world so they don’t cause major impacts on society but they are very costly. Nuclear Power plants have useful sources for, renewable clean sources of an energy, they don’t produce any pollution and greenhouse gasses. Which is very important. Nuclear power plants also help many farmers and agricultural workers, they help by helping the crops grow with radiation techniques but still can be very risky and harmful. But the many use in agriculture is to act as a pesticide. Radioactive therapy also exists it help with cancer treatments. So in our opinion we think that the good outweighs the bad. The future of Nuclear Power Plants seem to be getting safer for people to be around, but there were a few incidents where things went wrong. For example the Fukushima power plant caused a major problem in society that could have possibly ended the world. The disaster occurred when the plant was hit by the tsunami triggered by the Tōhoku earthquake; the plant began releasing large amounts of radioactive materials beginning on 12 March, becoming the largest nuclear incident since the 1986 disaster and the second (with Chernobyl) to measure Level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale. So things would get very terrible if it got out of hand, over 300, 000 people were evacuated after the Chernobyl incident.

Based on research we viewed some information and viewpoints given by a business employer who works for the Nuclear Power plant which gave his view on situation. The benefits of nuclear power is a relatively maintainable energy source, meaning that it can be used to produce electricity without wasting limited natural resources like coal, oil or gas. Secondly, nuclear power stations are cleaner than fossil fuel power stations, and could help to reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming. We also managed to piece together the view of an environmentalist. We believe that costly expenses that come out of nuclear power plants should be put into a different place, billions of dollars are spent during a short amount of time on building or restarting nuclear plants. This money can be put into research facilities, which will find a way to make something that will help society yet be ecofriendly.

The Future Of Nuclear Power Plants

Radioactive waste contains lots of uranium and reactor fuel which can cause harm to the environment physically. There are many classes of nuclear waste. Everything from the radioactive sources used in medical treatment to sources used in manufacturing processes to the spent fuel from nuclear reactors. Each is handled differently, and in many cases the same type of waste is handled differently from one country to the next. In the U.S. there have been over 100 nuclear reactors operating since the 1960's and 1970's.

Science Behind Nuclear Power

The science behind nuclear energy involves getting the atomic nuclei of atoms to undergo changes and release energy. We know that the setting conditions involve finding the right materials that can handle the circumstances and then their atomic nuclei will be rearranged.Nuclear Power Plants affect many different organisms for example animals. Many animals after Chernobyl were damaged and began to different characteristics and began to glow a green color. This effect happened after the nuclear power plant disaster. If that is what happened to animals imagine the effect on humans, we are already warned to not enter areas without goggles and gas masks to prevent us from dying.

By: Isaac, Thabo and Shuhby


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