Nuclear Fusion vs. Fission

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Nuclear Fusion vs. Fission

Modern Day

Today in science, we only use Nuclear Fission. Nuclear Fusion is not possible to use because it requites great amounts of heat and energy, only found on the sun. Nuclear Fisson is easier to use because it doesn't require as much heat or energy. Fusion would be the ideal energy source, but it is currently impossible touse with today's technology.

1. Nuclear fusion requires a much greater amount of energy to be successful.2. Results in one large atom3. Only occurs on the sun4. Creates less radioactivity than Fission.5. Fusion is currently on experimental.

Nuclear Fusion vs. Fission

Nuclear Fusion is... the fusing of two or more lighter atoms into a larger one.

Nuclear Fission is... the splitting of a large atom into two or more smaller ones.

But...What is the difference?

Nuclear fission is mainly used in Nuclear power plants for supplying energy. It is also used for atomic bombs. Nuclear Fusion does not occur in nature, but was used for the hydrogen bomb. The hydrogen bomb requires a fission "trigger" that results in fusion for the Hydrogen Bomb.


1. Nuclear fission is used in nuclear power plants.2. Fueled by Uranium in power plants.3. Requires little energy4. Produces highly radioactive particles.5. Fission or Atomic Bomb


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