[2017] sydney beers: Nuclear Engineering

by jacobthorpesmiths
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[2017] sydney beers: Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineers may work at a nuclear power plant, or may work to create a way to use nuclear fusion to power our everyday lives. If working at a nuclear power plant they may identify problems in machinery and make sure it is running as safe and as efficiently as possible. They usually need a munimum of a 4 year bachelor's degree for this job and may get on the job training. This field is growing at an adverage rate of 7-13%. The median salary is $49.49 hourly and $103,000 annually.

People in this career may work in an office, lab or nuclear powered boat. You probably won't be stuck behind a desk all day, every day.

Nuclear Engineering

I have an interest in nuclear engineering because nuclear fusion is the most powerful energy source known to man. Nuclear engineers may work to create a way that we can power our homes with nuclear energy safely and efficiently. This may help with pollution and eliminate greenhouse gases to a minimum. We may also be able to power spacecraft with it and may be able to travel farther into space.



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