Nuclear Engineer

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Nuclear Engineer

What's a Nuclear Engineer?

Job Opportunities

Nuclear Engineer



Qualifications and Training

• Interest in studying Nuclear Engineering• Bachelor in Nuclear Engineering• 8 months of training on site• Engineers must undergo training every year• Good at math and communications


Job Outlook: 9%(fast as average)Earnings: $104,270 per year $ 50.13 per hourRelated Occupations: Civil engineers, electrical engineers, Mechnical engineer, etc.

• Works with Nuclear energy• Design, construct, and operate nuclear reactors• Recearch and develop nuclear energy • Write operational instructions to be used• Maintain and operate the activites of Nuclear plant• Examine nuclear accidents and gather data

• Nuclear Plant• Power Plant• Naval Ship• Sumbarine• Offices• Science Technician• Supervisior Monitoring • Military • Department of Defense

Working Conditions

• Senior engineers work in offices• Juniors usually work in the plant

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