[2019] aj sutkus: Nuclear Engineer

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[2019] aj sutkus: Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear Engineer

A nuclear engineer is someone who studies and makes tools that that are used in nuclear power plants to create energy from the power of radiation.

What do they do?

where do they work?

Nuclear engineers usually work in offices however that can change depending on who employed them. Another fact about Nuclear Engineers is that most of them work full time and some of them work over 40 hours a week.

To become a Nuclear Engineer you must have a  bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering and        (while its not required) it is   helpful to have experiencewhich can be gained from cooperative-education engineering programs.

Education Required

how much do they get payed?

in 2018 the median annual wage for nuclear engineers was $107,600. The lowest 10% of workers asked about their wage earned less than $68,560 however the top 10% earned more than $162,360.

Job Outlook

Employment of nuclear engineers is expected to have little to no change from 2018 to 2028 with 17,700 employments in 2018 and an expected 17,600 employments in 2028. However this number is expected to go down due to people wanting cheaper natural gas.

Similar occupations

some similar jobs to a nuclear engineer are a Civil Engineer, They help design, build and supervise buildings and systems. There are also Electrical and electronics Engineer who make test and study new technology. And finally a Health and safety Engineer that design devices that can save and help people with an injury or illness.


All in All a nuclear engineer seems like a great job. you get great pay, its a full time job so you wont have to find a new place to work for a while, And you get to design and test systems that can make power and help people keep their homes and work places with power.


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