[2015] Dylan Almanza: Nuclear Engineer

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[2015] Dylan Almanza: Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear Engineer

What they doWhat nuclear engines do as a living is work on systems and instuments that try to get the benifits from nuclear energy and radiation. Nuclear Engineers make an average of 104,270 a year and 50.13 an hour.

Nuclear Plant

What are the conditions?If you want to be a nuclear engineer you need to have a bachelor's degree and llike staying in the office all day. Also their is an average demand for the job at 2022.

I think I would be interested in this career because it has a good salary and you get to help figure out how to make clean and more efficient energy.

The impact this has on my future is that nuclear engineers will have made cleaner and more efficient energy out of nuclear radiation and energy

By Dylan Almanza


Nuclear engineer


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