Nuclear energy

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Nuclear energy



Advantages:Cleansmall wastesafereliableabundance of uraniumenvioronmentally friendly

Picture of power plants in America

Disadvantage:Disposal of wasteDisastersUse as weaponsTakes 20-30 years to build

Waste: There are currently 138 million pounds of nuclear waste in the US. We have several ways of dealing with it; put it underground, in pools, concrete towers, and plants that reprocess them

There are many benefits of nuclear power over coal power. Much less output is needed to produce nuclear energy, there is less deaths in the nuclear industry, and there is no carbon admissions from nuclear plants.

Nuclear vs. Coal

3 MIile Island: In 1979 human error led to a partial core meltdown. 1000s of people living in the Harrisburg area were forced to evacuate. The problem was fixed minutes before a meltdown would of happened.

There are currently 104 nuclear reactors in the US

Nuclear Process: Uranium is mined from the surface, the uranium is converted into gas, the uranium is enriched, and is then transported to a plant where it is turned into uranium dioxide, and then chain reaction is started in a nucler reactor creating energy.

Fission is a nuclear reaction when the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts.Fusion is the process in wich two or more atomic nuclei joun together.

Fission and Fusion


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