Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

The ability to harvest nuclear energy is was one of man’s greatest achievements. The technology that the United States of America created changed the world. Through our discovery of nuclear technologies, we have found both tremendous benefits and dangers. This technology has provided us with a new source of power. But also with a weapon that was near infinitely larger than anything created up to that point. When our country founded nuclear technology, it put us in the center of the world. This nation had a weapon that no other nation could match. This technology ended the war in Japan, and since then has never been aggressively used.

•The Nuclear Bomb was developed by the Manhattan Project during World War 2 •Although 31 countries have nuclear power, only 8 have nuclear weapon capabilities •Only 2 nuclear weapons have been aggressively dropped. Both were from the US onto Japan during the Second World War. •The United States during the cold war had a stockpile of 32,000 nuclear weapons. •American nuclear power plants produce about 20% of our electricity. •Nuclear energy accounts for 75% of our nations clean energy sources. •Nuclear capabilities are tightly regulated by the NCR (Nuclear Regulatory Committee.



  • AidanPantiga 9 years ago

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    epic but nukes may end the world

  • TuckerDavis64 9 years ago

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    agreed. if 12 more nukes are launch AND detonated, it is predicted to cover the earth in a cloud of dust!