Nuclear Bomb

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Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear bombs use alpha beta decay, and we know this because alpha beta decay is the decay in when you gain an extra neutron, which then isotope then has to break in order to become stable again, and this is exactly what happens in nuclear fission, which is the reaction for the nuclear bomb.

When an isotope like uranium-235 that is stable absorbs another neutron, it becomes unstable, and the neutron splits the nucleus into smaller pieces. This reaction is called fission, and it releases a large amount of heat energy and radiation, which is the explosion of the nuclear bomb.

How It Works:

This is a video of fission, which is a reaction a nuclear bomb has.

Created by: Konatsu Sonokawa

The History of the Nuclear Bomb

The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

Nuclear Reaction:

The nuclear bomb was first introduced because many scientists did experiments to see if Niels Bohr and John Wheeler's hypothesis: Can free neutrons create fission that start a chain reactioncould release an enormous amount of energ? Then, all the experiments stopped when scientist Enrico Fermi created the first controllled nuclear chained reaction, by enriching the uranium isotope, to be able to get a sustained chained reaction.

What happens inside a fission bomb



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    under the history of the Nuclear bomb you have an incomplete thought. where it goes into the hypothesis. maybe i read it wrong but it may just be me