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Social Studies

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The goal of the National Recovery Administration (NRA) was to cure severe economic depression by assisting with widespread unemployment and the chaotic economic system. This new deal proved that government involvement in the economic system was possible. The NRA established business codes that were enforced nationally. The codes included shorter work hours, voluntary union participation and provisions for minimum wages. The codes creating shorter work hours helped out many Americans in need of jobs. This is because people worked less often which caused companies to hire more people. Provisions for minimum wages set a fair minimum wage that companies must pay their workers, which removed underpayment of American workers in the economy. Voluntary Union participation guaranteed freedom for all workers to join their own Union. The NRA discontinued antitrust regulations for two years.The business codes established by the NRA aimed to assist American workers. There was no specific age group the NRA targeted assistance to, although they set standards as to who could work depended on age. The NRA put an end to child labor.The National Recovery Administration was voted into law by congress on June 16th , 1933. This program was a part of the 1st New Deal. The Supreme Court declared the NRA unconstitutional in May 1935. It was declared unconstitutional because the provisions in the code were not a valid exercise of federal power due to the fact that congress did not have the right to dictate to the states wages and hours worked. They also argued that there was no standards set for any trade, industry, or activity.In the beginning the NRA seemed great to Americans, for it was successful and popular. However, as time passed Americans became less confident in the NRA, and the Supreme Court outlawed it. The NRA was successful in eliminating child labor. It also created the concept of minimum wage, which is still used in current society. With the NRA’s new codes, workers were free to join Unions if they desired. Overall, The National Recovery Administration was successful in helping Americans even though it was outlawed. This means that the NRA was worth the money spent… It saved Americans money and gained it for them if they were being underpaid. It was well worthy to be a piece of American history.

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