november tech tips

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november tech tips

Tech Tips

Available Campus Resources(hardware)Flip Camerasdocument cameras(elmos)Smartboardshand held smart boardsqwizdom unitsDance MatsVideo IpodsWriter CartsLaptop Carts

Gradebook tips:Did you know that if you click on one student's name in the gradebook all the other students will be hidden. Click the student's name again and all the names come back?Did you know that you can run a blank grade book report with your assignments already printed?

Glogster!Have your students create digital posters as a project in your class. You will be amazed at the creativity they come up with to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic! Just ask Rendon, Bogusz or LaVigne!

Active Book Reader?We have a program on every computer called active book reader and it has computer based lessons sorted by subject and TEK that the students can complete during a self paced lab activity with or without a partner. Many times these lessons come with really good templates you can use with or without active book reader. Check it out! Go to the start menu and choose "Active Book Reader". I will be happy to help you navigate through the activities to help you find one for your class.

Lab ManagementCheck out our new updated lab management software Smart Sync! This is our updated Synchron"eyes" software. There are some new eaiser to use features. If you want to see what it can do I can show you in room 108. Come take a look.


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