November News

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November News


Mrs. Pasola's Class

November 2011

We are on our way to becoming great problem solvers, as well as strengthening previous math skills and learning new ones. We will be finishing up Chapter 2 in Math and will begin Chapter 3, which is learning more about Addition and Subtraction. The students continue to enjoy their Fast Fact Challenges! We are doing really well with addition and will be moving to subtraction facts. Please make sure you child continues to practice his/her facts. Your child should know them in a snap!! Math fact flash cards, on-line math games, or iPod Apps are a great way to practice.


Terrific Technolgy!


Social Studies

Third graders sure love to read! We have just finished Unit 1 in our Reading Street Series and are ready to take the Unit 1 Reading Benchmark Assessment. Small guided reading groups are happening, which meet 2 or 3 times a week. This is a great opportunity to have more in depth conversations and activites with books at the students' instructional reading level. While students are meeting in reading groups, others are at meaningful reading centers. Our centers are: Nonfiction Reading, Working with Words, Reading Games, Read to Self, Read to Someone, Reading on the iPod Touches and Computers, Responding to Reading, and Reading Games. Everyone is doing a really nice job at their centers!

We are finishing up Social Studies and are ready for Science next marking period! Students will end Social Studies with an in class Landform Project. They have the option of creating a Glog, PowerPoint, or PhotoStory!


Please check your child's homework for neatness and accuracy. It is okay to help them with it.Please send in a healthy snack with your child each day.Make sure to check your child's take home folder and agenda each night for any important information.

Conferences...7th, 8th, 9thNo School...10th, 11thEnd of Marking Period...9thReport Cards...18thNo School...24th, 25th

Important Dates

Reading Skills/Strategies to Reinforce:-Main Idea/Graphic Organizers-Characters/Visualize-Monitor and Fix up-Author's Purpose/Predict-Draw Conclusions/Ask Questions

Steps to the Writing Process-Prewriting-Drafting-Revising-Editing-Publishing THINK about what YOU are Reading!


Wow! We published our first writing piece...A Personal Narrative. The students did really well with them and continue to develop "command" with their writing. Some of the things we learned to have in our writing is a strong lead, an amazing ending, and lots of detail. Please be sure to check the back of your child's writer's notebook when it comes home for homework on Wednesdays. They will be putting everything we learn about... "What Good Writers Do" in the back of their notebook. They can look there to help guide them in the Writing Process. Make sure your child takes the time to think and visualize what they want to write about. I tell them to make a "movie" in their head! The more they write, the better writers they become. I love reading their stories!



Pearson SuccessNet

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. -William Arthur Ward-

Take the time to show appreciation to the people around you...

Mrs. Pasola's Turkey Drawing!

Try the Drawing Tool in your Glogs.

Discovery Education

Thank you to our Mystery Readers...Mrs. Amalfa, Mrs. Bonito, and Mrs. Spucches! We loved your stories! Who will be next? It is a mystery...

Happy Birthday!Justin...2ndAshley...6thJulia...20th


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