November Ambassador Newsletter

by DeenaKelly
Last updated 8 years ago

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November Ambassador Newsletter


Enter the 3rd Annual Teacher Innovator Awards to showcase your abilities and possibly win a great prize!

Are you an Innovative Educator?

Check out our Glog posts focused on internet safety:"Is There a Safe Way to Connect With Your Students Online?" and "Your Searches are Now Secure With Glogster EDU Safe Search"

Are you interested in starting a Glogster EDU penpal relationship for your class?

Want to increase attendance at school functions and games? Share Glogster EDU with sports coaches and players at can be a great tool for advertising, embedding your Glog in your school website or Facebook page. Go Team!

Check out events happening this month:

Global Edcon

Edcamp Seattle

Edcamp PDX



Teach Meet Dorset

Teach Meet Ricky

Would you like the opportunity to showcase your Educational content (articles/blog posts/etc...) with the world? Glogster EDU is preparing an eBook of beneficial educational material for our users, and if you would like your content included, please send to by the end of this week.

Glogpedia continues to grow. Can't reglog it? Add to your prepared Glogs or Favorite to show your class...and don't forget to contribute to Glogpedia yourself!

Email us with the details of the class you want (age/country/etc) and we will try and match you up!



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