novel study skelton man

by LizSepich
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novel study skelton man

PLOT: The story starts out by talking about a man who liked the taste of skin, so he ate all his skin, and his family members skin too. The rising action is Molly's parents disappearing and her having to move in with a man who says he's her uncle. He locks her in her room each night and tries to fatten her up by feeding her a lot of food so he can eat her. She tells her teacher about him and the teacher tries to help Molly however she can. The climax is when Molly comes up with a plan to run away from the Skeleton man and save her parents. The falling action is her finding her parents in the shed, and then she is also running away from the Skeleton man in the forrest. The resolution is when he falls into a ravine and she is reunited with her parents. We never find out if he really dies though...

I am the Skeleton Man (aka Molly's "uncle"). I kidnapped her parents and am hiding them in my shed . I have taken their daughter Molly and told everyone I was her uncle so I could fatten her up and eat her. How I love the taste of skin!!! You may be frightened by my appearance--I'm quite "skin and bones" you might say. I am a main character in the book.

Setting: This book takes place in present time at Molly's house, and her school. The mood is ominous and suspensful.

Theme: Never give up on something you believe in, and work hard to show others your convictions.

Connection: This book reminds me of a book called A Child Called It. In this book, there is a boy that also gets held captive by a family member, but he is held by his mom. She makes him do all sorts of bad things, and he just wants to leave.

The Skeleton Man

Done By: Mrs. Sepich

My name is Molly. I am a young child who's parents are missing, and my "uncle" comes to take care of me. I think that he's trying to fatten me up so he can eat me. I am the main character in the novel. I have brown hair, and am quite skinny (from not eating the food that my "uncle" tries to feed me.



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