Nova Scotia

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Social Studies

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Nova Scotia

GeographyNova Scotia is the second samallest providence. Nova Scotia is 2x the size as Massachusetts

Nova ScotiaBy Anna Wieser

WildlifeAnimals that live in Nova scotia include red fox, skunk, snaping turtle, and beavers.Endangered animals are the moose, canada lynx, Harlequin duck, and Blading turtle.

Nova Scotia Flag

Tourist AttractionIf you ever want to vist Nova Scota you should vist the Oaklawn Farm and zoo, Pier 21, Neptune Theater,and Halifax Public Garden. All places would be a fun family ecperiance.

PlantsSome plants include bluets, May Flower,and star flower. Did you know Nova Scotia has endangered flowers? They include water pennywort and much more.

RecourcesSome recources you will find is live stock including chickens,cows,and pigs. Also there is blueberries.

IndustriesIf you vist Nova Scotia some industries are paper production, that is a big one. Also pupl is a major one you will find. Nova Scotia is famous for their dry wall.


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