Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia joined Confederation in 1867

Sir John A. Macdonald

Nova Scotia joined in Confederation in 1867 because they had a small population and was at risk of American annexation.Yet beacuse of their small population joining Confederation would cause the people to assimilate and loose their identity. This was a major concern. Which is why in the B.N.A act the Provinces have Federal and Provincial government. Also if they joined Confederation Nova Scotia would get a Railway(The CPR). The CPR did not only solve American annexation it also solved trade challenges.At this time Great Britain had stopped using Mercantilism. This was a big deal for Nova Scotia since it was a large exporter in fish and timber.Ontario and Quebec also offered economic benefits to Nova Scotia if they joined.

The railway was a key importance in why Nova Scotia joined in Confederation. They were promised a railway to connect Nova Scotia to New Brunswick to Ontario to Quebec. The railway connecting the Maritime Provinces was very in depth and intertwined. This was an advantage to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia was one of the first Provinces to join Confederation along with Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick in 1867. Yet they were a little bit troubled about wether or not they should join. Since Joseph Howe a local newspaper owner and reformer predicted that there would be more negative effects than positive from joining confederation.Because of his influence on the localists from his paper 36 out of the 38seats in the Nova scotia Legislature were anti-Confederation as well as 18 out of 19seats in Canada's Parliment.However Charles Tupper leader of Nova Scotia's Assembly still wanted to join despite the odds. Eventhough at the time it was the least popular idea.

The CPR in 1868

Charles Tupper in 1870

Joseph Howe 1860

Flag of Nova Scotia

This is Peggy cove in present day Nova Scotia


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