Nova Scotia

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Social Studies

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Nova Scotia

5 Largest Ethnic Groups

5 Largest Visable Minoritys

Black, 19,203South Asian, 3,860Arab, 4,505Chinese, 4,305Multiple Visable Minority, 1,035

1. Roman Catholic, 36.5%2. United Church of Canada, 15.9%3. Anglican, 13.4%4. Baptist, 10.65. Presbyterian, 2.5%

5 Most Spoken Languages

5 Largest Religious Groups

1. English, 836,0852. French, 31,1053. Arabic, 5,9654. Algonquian Languages, 4,6855. German, 3,275

Nova Scotia

3 Biggest Cultural FestivalsMultifest 30Aboriginal Day Live & CelebrationFestival Acadien De Clare

Interesting Cultural FactsNova Scotia has many different peoples such as African, Acadian, Mi'kmaq, and Celtic

Aboriginal Poeples in Nova ScociaFirst Nations, 15,240Metis, 7,680Inuit, 320


Acadian dancers

African Nova Scotian family


1. Canadian, 368,940 people2. Scottish, 288,180 people3. English, 287,100 people4. Irish, 195,3655. French, 161990

Mi'kmaq people

Culture ParagraphI think that it is hard for people that are not part of the majority because they will have trouble communicating wich could lead to misunderstandings. Another thing is that people could tease him/her because he won't understand what they're saying. Also he will have a hard time finding friends, because they probably won't like the same things as him.

CultureMeaning: The language, beliefs, and art of a sosietyIn a sentence: We have the same culture.

Celtic people

Population: 921,727


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