[2015] kaden lee: Noumea New Caledonia

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Social Studies

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[2015] kaden lee: Noumea New Caledonia

The terrain consists of coastal plains, mountains 39% woodland forests, stays around in the 80 degrees F, in noumea they speak kanak language.



Absolute Location: -22.255823166.450524Relative Location: Noumea is close Dumbea

Human-Enviornment Interaction

In noumea new caledonia they adapted to life in a marine enviornment, on the coast of timor (Indonesion Sea), they depended on sea creatures and other land animals to live.

Noumea is one of the most populated cities in caledonia, there is a univeristy and small public schools in Noumea. the way people get to noumea caledonia is by flight there is a air port outside of noumea. the way befor people invented air transportation they would travel from boat, people would travel from all over the world to go to caledonia such as new zealand , fiji, afirca and many more.


Noumea has similar characteristics to poum because they both have medium sized cities, humidity is verry high in both places, both places have popular beaches, both are popular fishing spots


Noumea New Caledonia

In my opinion Noumea is a beautiful place to live, I chose Noumea New Caledonia because crested geckos originated from that specific spot, I left because in oregon there is not a lot of reptiles and or amphibians. it is also a fishing hot spot, noumea has a lot of beautiful building and it even has its own native spot. So thats why I chose Noumea New Caledonia.

Why i want to live in Noumea


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