Notre Dame Chartres

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Notre Dame Chartres

Notre Dame Chartres

The northern porch is dedicated to the Old and New Testament, while the southern porch was built to honor the saints of the cathedral.

Chartres Cathedral was never destroyed nor looted during the French Revolution, and was never looted or burnt by many fires in the town.

Chartres Cathedral was built to house the tunic of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a sacred relic.

Cathedral has nine portals. Some are from the west and some are from the east same with the north and south ends.

The north portal represents the Old Testament and how Mary prepares for Jesus.

16 Cloître Notre Dame, 28000 Chartres, France is where the Notre Dame Chartres located.

The Notre Dame Chartres first opened in 1220, but now is opened from 8:30 am – 7:30 pm.

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