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Main Characters - Elsie - steals money to get candy, large in the beginning of the storyJennifer - needs help in math, becomes Elsie's friendDiane - Elsie becomes her math tutor

Favorite moment:Gabby: when they all become friends and go swimming at the end of the story.Kampbell: Liked when Elsie, Kenny, Diane, Sharon and Robyn hitchhiked and Robyn was kidnapped by a truck driver.Megan: liked the chapter titled "Fat girls can't dance" because it was funny.Jessica: liked when they had the slumber because they invited Elsie which was nice.

Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade but things can get better!

One thing to change: Kampbell: I would have Diane or Jennifer be big instead of Elsie so that they knew how Elsie felt.Jessica: I would not have them hitchhike and just walk to the mall. Megan: I would change Peacetalks to Uglytalks because everyone is being mean to each otherGabby: I would change To catch a thief to the the title To be friends with someone

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