Nothing Gold Can Stay

by haileyd526
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Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stayby: Robert Frost

nature's first green is goldher hardest hue to holdher early leaf's a flowerbut only so an hourthen leaf subsides to leafso eden sank to griefso dawn goes down to daynothing gold can stay

Hailey-Joy DuganPeriod: 1

I Think that the picture relates to the passage because.....-first, the young in the childs face and the old in the womens is stating the nothing gold can stay meaning that childhood and youth doesnt last forever!-next, if you look at the women she is laughing and she figured out how to stay gold in the heart which means after all her years of life she held on to the joy and wonder of her earlier years!-also, the little girl is taking in all the older woman has to share because when your young everything is new and wonderous!-one insight id liked to add is that, even though life inevitably fades we actually gain something precious in our later years...wisdom



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