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*Focus of this research*Source:*Direct Quotes*Main ideas in my own words*Thoughts I have*Further Questions I have *More keywords I identified*New Issues I have found

Always record the source of information for each set of notes

Quotes need quotation marks, page numbers or URL

Main ideas are short phrases that are paraphrased

Thoughts and ideas about the information you may have.

Questions should get fatter the more you learn.

Continually asking questions makes sure you are thinking about the topic

Keywords will be uncovered as you keep researching, they should get more specific

You may find more issues to explore as you delve deeper into your research

Asking questions also keeps you interested.

Tip: Be concise, but still include enough information to understand context

Tip: Use symbols to reduce text < > ~ ??? @ chn, T,

Tip: Keep your notes organised!

Place your focus question or main idea on top - this will help you stay on track



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