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Note Taking

Note Taking

Cornell NotesCornell Notes is a note taking method to help students be concise and logical in note taking and studying. It was originally developed by Walter Pauk.

EvernoteEvernote is an online notebook that lets you copy and save information so that it can be accessed on any internet connected device. Evernote will allow you to add photos of handwritten notes or images.

Note taking supports literacy because it helps students write down information on what they are learning and have a summary of the information for them to later review.

Note taking can be a hinderance if students copy information without citing the source or if the note taking process is overwhelming or overly difficult.

Note taking is a helpful skill while doing research for a writing task. Research is a big part of the pre-writing process and necessary for students to be successful. Note taking is an important skill for students to incorporate information from what they have read or heard into a paper. It helps students put new information in their own words and highlights important information for review.


Evernote lets you take notes in a different way than Cornell Notes. With Evernote you can type in notes to the app or you can take pictures of whiteboards, drawings, or handwritten notes. You can then add tags to the notes or pictures so that you can find them later.


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