Notable Uses of Technology Categorized by NETS Standards

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Notable Uses of Technology Categorized by NETS Standards

- iMovie book trailors. Students use iMovie to create a trailor for their independent American Authors project.- illustrate stories student have written on iPads- using Glogster for report writing- digital stories- create cartoon animations of Bible parables using iPads- making music videos of songs created- creating digital art on computer- iMovies for alternate presentation forms- collaborative presentations- musical arrangements with tech

Create It

- record student break-out discussions for play-bak and sharing using Garage Band- group project: collaborative research, compile multimedia resources onto online pages- share ideas on Pinterest, Flicker, blog- students are blogging about a book they are reading- students create podcasts- annotate texts, save, share

- for polling of students- use of concept maps- Geometer's Sketchpad- use biotechnology databases to interpret genetic relationships- use Excel to create graps to better analyze data- Kindergarteners use online vehicles (photos, videos, etc.) to help them answer their Big [research] Questions

- student fluency in using Alexandria (online database) to locate books- finding data online that we can analyze- research using online database- internet resesarch (websites, journals, etc.)- WebQuests- image sources for drawing or painting

Share It

Solve It

Find It

- teach students to use safe internet rules and safe sites

- students use the Promethean (for centers, to teach concepts, etc.)- math exercises online as practice and reinforcement- iPads for skills based games- students use teacher-created GIF simulations to understand a complex concept- reading programs online

Protect It

Use It


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