Not just a Dent

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Not just a Dent

By: Molly Pierce

Hello, I'm Molly, and I started a recycling drive at my school. I really, really wanted to do something for the environment and what better way than to recycle?!? I love the ocean and marine biology. What's sad is there are more plastic bottles in the sea than there are stars that you can see in the sky on the island of Hawaii. The more you recycle, the less trash goes into the ocean. Right now there's an island of trash in the Pacific Ocean as big asTexas! One dent in the overall picture doesn't seem like alot but if that one dent saved the life of a seagull or turtle than a dent isn't so small after all.

Not just a Dent

Conservation So many animals are loosing there homes due to either pollution or new urbanization near beaches and docks. Just think how would you feel if random people kicked you out of your home just so they could get a new docking area? Thats why we should adapt the idea of spherical reproduction farms (click the photo of the gaint sphere in the ocean for a very intrestring video). A marine reproduction sphere is where we take endangered fish and water species in this giant hrdroplastic sphere where they are safe from harm and are fed the exact type amount of food just it would be in the wild. Once they have grown back to healthy standard they are realsed back into the wild. This processs is moving fast and might just wined up on land to help endangered species all around the world.

The World is in Our Hands We can make a diffrence, we can lend that helping hand, we could save lives. All you have to do is recycle alittle more, reuse and be creative again,and most of all live life in balance between all kingdoms of the world. We have lowered marine livesits by over 62%. That is just like saying the entire human exsistants in the southern hemisphere would be demolished. So lets get those numbers back up there. Hey how would you like if it I went to your house filled the entire place with trash and litter then leave it for you a your younge ones to die or for all of your food to die so you can starve to death! Don't be a lazy monster you can't get up to put something in the recycle bin because the trash can is closer.


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