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Inventors and Inventions

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Norwegian inventions

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Norwegian Inventions

The paper clipA paper clip is an instrument used to hold sheets of paper together, usually made of steel wire bent to a looped shape. The Norwegian, Johan Vaaler , has been identified as the inventor of the paper clip. He was granted patents in Germany and in the United States for a paper clip of similar design, but less functional and practical, because it lacked the last turn of the wire

The cheese slicerThe cheese slicer is a Norwegian invention by Thor Bjørklund. Bjørklund was irritated by how hard it was to slice fine slices with a knife and that is why he invented the cheese slicer. The company Bjørklund has made 50 million cheese slicers since 1925.

Bottle ReturnBottle return is an arrangement for return of beverage containers. You pay 1 kroner extra when you buy a beverage that is 0.5 liters or less, and 2,50 kroner if you buy a beverage that is over 0.5 liters. After you have drunk up the drink, you can return the bottles in a returnig machine in most of the grocery stores. The machine registers if it is a big or small bottle and give back a ticket with the extra amount you paid eariler. Then you give the ticket to the cashier, and then you either get back your money, or it is subtracted from the total if you buy something. The bottles gets recycled and end up as a new bottle.

You can also use cheese slicers to slice patatoes thinly to make chips.

Thor Bjørklund

Johan Vaaler

Johan Vaalers version, the original


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