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Norway keeps an underground seed bank on the archipelago of Svalbard. It was constructed to store and protect seeds from all possible threats such as war and disasters, hence the nickname “Doomsday” seed vault. The stored seeds are samples from all over the world.

Fast facts *norway means "path to north"*norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world*norway is the 6th largest country but only ranks 28th as far as population*food prices In Norway are so high that people travel to Norway to sweden to get their food.* food stores are closed on Sunday excepted for gas stations so if you want food you have to go to gas station get it


The most tourned spot

Something beautiful in Norway it the hidden beach

The culture Is NorwegianThe Christmas tradition you celebrate the sacrificial of joulu.Joulu is a feast of lights marking the change from winter to darkness to spring lights.also holiday feast begin weeks before Christmas by the brewing of the Christmas beer.


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