Northwest Mounted Police

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Northwest Mounted Police

We want to create a safer Canada. We also want to bring authority to the West. This will help attract settlers and help make Canada West a better and safer place for the people.

The NWMP was established in 1873

You can be the one to make a change in society! You will be one of our heros!!

Northwest Mounted Police

We Need Your Help! Help make Canada West a safer place!

The march will start on July 8th, with 275 officers and men, 114 Red River carts, 73 wagons, and two 9-pounder feild guns.

•establish law and order; •collect customs dues; •enforce prohibition; •supervise the treaties between First Nations and the federal government; •assist in the settlement process; •ensure the welfare of immigrants •fight prairie fires, disease and destitution.

Your duties will include:

Why did we create a police force?


1872- Colonel P. Robertson-Ross, General of the Canadian Militia, was dispatched into the Northwest on a fact-finding journey for the Canadian government. May 1873- John A Macdonald introduced a bill to create a police force in the Northwest territoriesMay 23rd 1873- The bill was passed and after getting royal agreement, the North West Mounted Police became a reality.


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