Northren snakehead fish

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Northren snakehead fish

The northern snakehead is a consumer. It is a fish which eats other native fish to other countries. The northern snakehead eats things such as crayfish, frogs, turtles, snakes etc. But yes their main food source is other species of fish.

The northern snakehead was likely introduced by people who bought live snakehead from fish markets or petshopes. Later when snakehead were not wanted as pets they were released into lakes, ponds etc. Scientist think that in U.S cities northern snakehead had originated from food markets.

How was the invasive species introduced into the ecosystem?

Which species native to the environment does the invasive species impact?

With the Northern snakeheads ability to eat a wide range of food it can compete with many native fish for food. Northern snakeheads can live in varied conditions which gives them an advantage to get as much food as they need to survive.

Discuss how it impacts on competition resources?

Northern Snakehead fish

What type of organism is it?

The northern snakehead impacts the species such as zooplankton, fish, and fish larvae. It can also consume small birds and mammals. For example frogs, toads, invertebrates, insects, and small reptiles.

Discuss how the food chain and food webs are impacted by this species?

The northern snakeheads ability to eat a wide range of foods and live in many different conditions allows it to compete against many different native fish for food and habitat.

If there are no frogs for the snakes to eat and other animals they will die of hunger.This will impact the ecosystem because, all the animals dying which will impact the way humans eat if there are no fish, or other food sources for humans.

Discuss how it impacts on predator/prey relationships?

Why has the invasive species become so established in the environment?

The northern snakeheads have become so established in the environment because since they can live invaded conditions making it so they can catch food easier. They also can survive winter by living under the ice. Scientists have found out some snakeheads have even recovered from being frozen.

If you chose remove the northern snakehead once it has been established 9 chances out of 10 it will have already spread out to different locations making it so there will already be a lot in the environment where their not supposed to be. If you chose to to eliminate them you must stop the invasive species you're dealing with before they find a way into your ecosystem.

Why might it be more effective to stop invasive species from entering into a specific habitat as opposed to trying to remove it once it is already established?

To prevent the snakeheads from coming into Ontario, the province has banned the live possession and sale of all 28 species of snakehead, as well as other invasive fish species. Since July 2002, the states of Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, New York, and Virginia have made possession of all live species of snakeheads illegal.

How can we stop the invasive species?

Websites:Ontario's invading species awarness program.Government of canada fisheries and oceans


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