Northern Renaissance

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Northern Renaissance

The Ambassadors byHans Holbein

A common characteristic for all Northern Renaissance art was that the artists seemed to have a liking for extremely detailed paintings. A triptych, is a three hinged painting and the other two panels on the side can be closed over the middle piece and the other two pieces might even have another painting on them.There is also a Gothic influence in their art due to the fact that they lacked Greecen and Roman statutes to reference off of.Also some other paintings, there are symbolic meanings for certain objects, poses, etc.

Key Contributors

Fuedalism, was slowly declining and other ideas were changing. Everything traditonal was breaking down and becoming something new and the normal ideas were losing power. But the Northern Renaissance artists were trying to bring back the ideas of religion and traditon in their art.

Study of a Hare by Albrecht Durer.A study of nature in watercolor.

Arnolfini Wedding by Jan Van Eyck

Jack Van Eyck- An important contributer to the Northern Renaissance but also the Renaissance in general, he was credited for creating the oil glazing technique. Even if he wasn't the first to use this method, he will be remembered for creating painting with great detail and composition. His most famous work, Arnolfini Wedding, created in 1434 was Eyck's most famous painting. It's covered in symbolic meanings and has great detail throughout the painting.Albrecht Durer- An artist known for his interest in nature, he believed that an artist should study all every area of the world.He used watercolor and other ways of painting but it is believed that he one of the first artists to use watercolor. He traveled a lot as well and it made him well educated in the styles of art. What made him so famous was because he worked with printmaker so his works were widely distributed across Europe and other parts of the world. A painting of his that shows nature and watercolor was The Study of aHare.Hans Holbein- A German artist known for being a court painter and painting the upper class. He was even hired by King Henry VIII. Like the other Northern Renaissanace artists, Holbein focused on bringing out the details in his paintings. Holbein was wonderful at portraying the personalties of the people he's painted with the surrounding objects and other details as well. One of his paintings was The Ambassadors, which was a portrait of King Henry VIII court.Pieter Brueghel- A more colorful artist, his works are more fun to look at and his paintings are more focused on the lower class and peasants. Unlike other artists that painted royalty and the upper class. While he may seem less serious than his fellow artists his paintings still had deep messages and symbols behind them.


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Robert Campin, The Merode Altarpiece, 1426An example of a triptych.

Key Ideas

Northern Renaissance

The Wedding DancebyPieter Brueghel


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