Northern Pacific Sea Star

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Northern Pacific Sea Star

Introduced Species Northern Pacific Sea StarAsterius Amurensis Jacqueline Kilkenny

Found Coasts of:ChinaKoreaRussia JapanBering SeaAlaskaNorthern Canada.

Original Distribution

IntroducedAccidentally to Australia in 1992 through ballast water from Japan

Now:• Scientists calculating the best time and place to collect ballast water to minimise the uptake of sea stars• To “sterilise” ballast water so it doesn’t need to be transported around the globe • In Australia, BHP modified its vessel, Iron Whyalla, to pump ballast waters through the engine to raise temperatures and kill seastars

Current Distribution in AustraliaNow Found:Tasmania’s Derwent River Estuary Victoria's Port Phillip BayDistribution:Due to mass reproduction and the spreading of the juveniles across the bay and river. How it Spreads:Attaches itself to vessels; commercial

Site and Date of Introduction to Australia Tasmania's Derwent River Estuary (1992) East coast and Victoria's Port Phillip Bay (1998)

Ecological Role• Prey: feeds on mussels, scallops and clams, dead fish and fish waste• It is a consumer• Competitors: no native Australian competitors• Predators: No native predators

How it has affected Australia• It was the cause of the decline of critically endangered spotted handfish• Tasmania: preys on handfish egg masses and sea squirts that handfish spawn• It is a mariculture pest settling on scallop longlines, mussel and oyster lines and salmon cages• Oyster production in Tasmania has been affected by sea stars

FACTEstimates made in Port Philip Bay: numbers reached as much as 12 million individuals in two years.

Future• 100% of population removed for the eradication to be successful• Efforts were unsuccessful• The methods would cause severe side effects to the bay• AQIS urging vessels to undertake voluntary ballast water management protocols, including exchanging ballast waters in the open ocean, when it is safe to do so.• Designing traps to capture star fish (unsuccessful)• Cannot be controlled as it is constantly reproducing

Control Levels and Methods

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Figure 3: Northern Pacific Sea Stars in Derwent RiverABC, 2012, Northern Pacific Sea Star, viewed 18 September 2013,

Figure 4: Asterias Amurensis, Boating Industy Association, Victoria, 2012, viewed 11 October 2013,


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