Northern Mockingbirds

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Northern Mockingbirds

The Northern Mockingbird is an example of a songbird. Songbirds are birds that sing with different chirps. These birds are also very aggressive. They intrude other birds' territory and chase off birds that intrude their territory.

Facts about the Northern Mockingbird:The Nothern Mockingbird is state bird of Florida, Texas, Arkansas, and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippee making it the 3rd most common state bird.These birds are known for their singing and they can learn up to 200 different songs!The songs the male mockingbird sings depends on the season.

HabitatNorthern Mockingbirds dwell in spots with grassy, shrubby vegetation and low elevation like shrubs, parks, and suburbs.

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FoodMockingbirds eat different food depending on the season. They eat bugs in the summer and fruit in the winter and fall, Their prey are mostly small insects such as worms, beetles, grasshoppers, bees, wasps, and sometimes lizards

Northern Mockingbird eating berries.

Northern Mockingbird sitting on branch.

QuizUsing what you know about Northern Mockingbirds' eating habits, what season do you think it is in the picture shown on the bottom left?

Northern Mockingbird singing


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