Northern Glass Frog

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Northern Glass Frog

The NTF is an arboreal frog (lives almost exclusively in the trees), sometimes in low hanging branches or around running water (this is where they lay there eggs). Found in humid montane forests throughout Central and South America (Belize, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatamala, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama.

The main cause of their endangered, due to the fact that they are arboreal, is habitat loss from deforestation and human activity.

If these beautiful mysteries of the forests go exinct there would be a incline of insects and a chain reaction of bad things that could happen to not only that species but another on as well.

Endangered Animal Project

Northern Glass Frog

Not much is known about this animal but as far as we know it is similar to regular frogs. Without frogs there would more little insects, and with more insects there would be less fruits and vegetables for people to eat. Also the animals that eat said frogs would not have food to eat witch would lead to a decline in their population and so on.

Little is known about the NTF's diet but it is thought that they eat things similar to a regular frog (flies, spiders, and other small invertebrates).